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Hard Money Loans and Mortgage Resources

Hard Money Loan Resources Page

Hard Money Loan Guidelines and Typical Transactions

- $30,000 to $10,000,000 per transaction/same project
- Up to 70% loan-to-value improved-marketable structures
- Commercial property acquisition, construction, and refinancing
- Bank workouts, bankruptcies and foreclosure bailout (fresh start) are common
- Loans on commercial buildings, vacant land, and more ...

Got a Tough Multi-Million Dollar Deal?

Consistently hearing "No" to your deal because it doesn't fit the conventional box?
Need a short term loan? Are traditional lenders taking forever to close?

With "private lenders" the hard assets are the key.
Hard money loans are property-driven and typically have a much quicker turnaround.
Creative transactions such as: interest only payments, blanket loans, and participations are usually considered.

SimpleResults.com is your best source for Hard Money Capital.


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