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Home Loan and Mortgage Resources

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  1. Home Equity Loan
    Learn the advantages of a home equity loan.
  2. Hard Money
    Hard money loan guidelines and typical transactions.
  3. Bridge Loans
    Short-term loan made in anticipation of long-term funding or financing.
  4. Bad Credit Loans
    Anybody that has a poor credit history may find it very difficult to arrange an unsecured loan.
  5. Mortgage Loan
    A Hard Money Mortgage offers you a borrowing of high LTV of the value of the property.
  6. Working Capital
    CAPLines is the U.S. Small Business Administration's umbrella lending program.
  7. Unsecured Loan
    An unsecured loan is a debt obligation.
  8. Equity Loan
    Information on Equity Loans.
  9. Refinance Loan
    Things to know before refinancing.
  10. Commercial Loans
    Commercial or business loans help companies pay for new equipment or expand operations.
  11. Start Up Loans
    Start up loan proceeds are generally used for purchasing equipment, remodeling, or expanding your business premises.
  12. Glossary of Loan Terms
    A Glossary of all loan terms you will be encountering in your search for a Hard Money Loan.
  13. List of Hard Money Loan Websites
    A list of websites that offer Hard Money Loan and Bad Credit Mortgage services.