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Bad Credit Home Loans and Mortgage Resources

Bad Credit Home Loans

Unsecure Home Loans and Bad Credit

Anybody that has a poor or bad credit history may find it very difficult to arrange an unsecured home loan. Most often the secured loan route is the only one available. It is because the lenders have property as security for the loan that they are able to offer more flexible guidelines for acceptance.

Common Bad Credit Reasons

County Court Judgements and Defaults are the most common of adverse or bad credit. These are registered by the provider of credit to the credit reference agencies which are in turn used by most credit providers.

They can stay on your credit file for some years and will make obtaining unsecured credit very difficult although secured lenders are far more sympathetic.

Secured Home Loans

Secured loans are amongst the most effective way raising funds if you have had some credit difficulties in the past but be aware that your home is at risk if you do not keep up the repayments on a mortgage or loan secured on it.

These loans can be seen as a method to rebuild credit after a period of change or difficulty.


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