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Hard Money Loan Initial Application

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Use this application to have multiple Hard Money lenders contact you.

tell us about yourself...
  Full Name: Subject Property Address:
  Property City: Property State, Zip: ,
  Credit Rating: Subject Property Occupancy:
  Home Phone: Work/Alt Phone: ext:
  Email Address:
  Email Address Again:

property & existing financing summary...
** Enter "0.00" for exisintg mortgage fields if this is a Purchase Loan or you have no mortgage.
  This Loan is for a:    Property Type:
  Estimated Property Value: $    Was it appraised in last 6 months?
  Existing 1st Mortgage Balance: $    Purchase Price: $
  TOTAL Owed On Property $    Year Purchased (ie 2001)
  Existing Mortgage Int. Rate: %    Are you past due on your mortgage?
  Are you the property owner?    Are you in foreclosure?
  Do you also have an existing 2nd or 3rd mortgage on the property above?

your loan request details...
  Loan Purpose: Amount Requested:
(number only; ex: 450000)
  Term Desired: Loan Type

Please add additional comments to help assist us in getting your loan approved and funded?

By submitting this loan request, you have agreed to our terms and conditions and are consenting to be contacted by one or more mortgage Brokers or Lenders either by phone or email even if you are on the Do Not Call Registry.

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