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    HardMoneyLeads.com Inc.
is the parent company of SimpleResults.com and it's affiliates. Since founded, our top goals and priorities have been to maintain the integrity of service we provide and the guaranteed satisfaction of our users and customers alike. We provide Borrowers nationwide with a free service geared to make the loan process as stress-free and simple as possible. Our Lenders and brokers across the country are given free accounts to access borrower information and make successful loans.

    Through years of experience in various aspect of mortgage origination, the internet world including marketing, consulting, management, and sales, SimpleResults.com was designed to provide you with the best possible service while maximizing the potential of simplicity: Usability, Customer Satisfaction, and Competitive technology .

     Whether you are a borrower, broker, or lender, your satisfaction is always our top priority. At SimpleResults.com and affiliates, we always strive to address your concerns, satisfy your needs, and provide you with a service that will match your standards. Your feedback is always important to us. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions regarding this site or HardMoneyLeads.com Inc., please direct them to us by emailing Customer Support.

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